I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.

Meet the Team

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Board Members

Nathan Herschberger


Nathan Herschberger grew up in the church and benefitted from Awana club at an early age where he learned to love and memorize God’s Word. This instilled within him a true passion for understanding the Bible, which continues today through deep study into apologetics, systematic theology, and biblical history. He wishes to implant the love and wonder of God’s Word into everyone, young and old. Nathan has led high school and middle school ministries as well as adult small groups over the years in churches located in Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Washington, and Missouri.

Nathan works professionally as an aerospace engineer and pilot, where he leads the technical development and delivery of large-scale development programs. His secular skills for leading large, long-term projects equipped him to take on this curriculum development project with Kelly.

He is married to Andrea, and they currently reside near St. Louis, MO with their two sons Caleb and Ethan.

Kelly Flores

Vice President of Culture & Strategy

Kelly Flores has been an avid follower of Christ since her college days where she discovered her unquenchable thirst for learning and growing. A lifelong student of the Bible and an educator at heart, Kelly has a deep passion for inspiring others to think critically and creatively, finding their life purpose and meaning through diligent study and application of God’s Word.

Kelly earned her doctorate in educational leadership and gets to use her secular training both as a professional (she is a professor, author, speaker, and coach in the fields of people, culture, learning, and leadership), and also as a volunteer (including the middle school and teen ministries). Kelly’s family has served around the world through HOPE Worldwide’s Volunteer Corps in Philadelphia, Philippines, New Zealand, Alaska, and Daytona Beach.

Kelly is married to Kye, and they currently reside in Seattle, WA with their three teenage boys: Isaiah, Roman, and Micah.

Brian Gross

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Brian Gross is the Chief Financial & Operating Officer for City Academy and CFO for Gateway City Church in St. Louis, MO. Brian Gross serves as co-chair of the ICOC Admin service team and was on the Board as Treasurer for the Eurasian Missions Society for many years.

Brian has over 15 years’ experience working in finance, budgeting, and operations and has worked for non profits, local governments and companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Chase Bank (formerly Bank One) in Chicago and AmeriCorps.

Brian has a Master’s in Public Administration specializing in Fiscal Administration and is a graduate of the Executive Scholar program from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School.

Brian and his wife, Danielle have two daughters in High School.

Teddy Otero

Vice President of Marketing & Technology

The son of an Air Force officer, Teddy Otero attended churches of several denominations across the United States and Europe in his youth. His faith became his own in college, and he led small groups on campus and into young adulthood. He connects with God through intellectual pursuits in history, philosophy, biology, sociology and political science, marveling at how every system points back to the Creator!

Teddy began his career in engineering and the Air Force but felt called by artistic pursuits and ultimately received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. After 5 years as a graphic and web designer, he made the jump to marketing and hasn’t looked back. He has been blessed to lead a marketing team that allows him to take on ambitious projects and explore his passion for how people experience a company: its brand and culture.

Teddy is married to Jenny, and they currently reside in Edgewood, WA with children Theo, Camden, Micah, Amelia, and Arthur.

Project Vision

Bruce & Lorna Pflaumer

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Special Acknowledgements

Lesson Writers

Rudy Baca

Christian Basa

Idang Basa

Allie Benton

Josh Benton

Austin Bolves

Sara Bolves

Gary Burch

Charice DeGuzman

Mark Farney

Tammy Fleming

Kelly Flores

Kye Flores

Laura Fouts

Andrea Herschberger

Nathan Herschberger

Tim Humphrey

Jorge Jimenez

Carmen Lugo

Jason Lugo

Becky Meadows

Sharon Messer

Bobby Moore

Bruce Pflaumer

Lorna Pflaumer

Laurie Robertson

Paul Robertson

Elise Sanderson

Riley Sanderson

Jennifer Schulz

Alana Smith

Ellen Soter

Colby Soule

Robert Vidal

Marcus Wallace

Naomi Wallace

Alex Whitaker

Danielle Whitaker

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